Monday, August 22, 2011

Married to a New Mister. {Day 10 : 365}

Met you online and you seemed to have a good deal. 
Unassuming, down to earth and downright useful. 
With your features sleek & sexy, your pricetag was a gem.

Sure...there were others in the line up. 
For one --tall, dark & rich George, was tempting.  
But too commercial and way out of my league:) 

 I went back knowing more about you. 
So what if you ended up less powerful. 
At $39.99, divorcing you would be such an easy option.

So one misty morning, click I did and 
I finally said Yes to you.

You arrived one day and came out of the box
cool, crisp & uncomplicated. 
Just as I expected. 
Just as I needed you to be. 

Espresso Doppio?
White Chocolate Mocha? 

You have been making such good cups each morning. 
You never failed me. 

Mr. Coffee, I am now married to you. 

And so is my dear espresso-loving husband. 

bliss♥, pinkmother

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Loving Doll Saturdays {Day 9: 365}

Dolling up these gorgeous ladies for several Saturdays now
 has bred a newfound love for brushes & palettes.

It is a somewhat familiar rush -- quite the same thrill I had when I was 9 or 10 --
gathering around all my Barbie stuff
for a whole weekend of fashion play.

Who would have suspected that 24 years later,
 I would still have so much fun dolling up real gorgeous ladies
not just for a whole weekend of fashion play,
but for magazine-material outputs for our lifestyle brand.

It no longer matters that our office tables have given way for hubby's studio lights and reflectors,
makeup palettes & brushes are now slowly replacing my pens and staple wires! 

Here's a peek of our first few weekend plays:
A brilliant one from hubby!

Ann Bautista was every inch a natural elegance in this scarf from SOUL Lifestyle.

An illuminating base by Laura Mercier, brow corrector from Make Up Forever,
a few shimmering grey shades and warm taupe on Ann's lids and
contouring works by Mac on her already profound cheekbones --
 these were all it took to bring out Ann's innate beauty and elegance.

and these, from our first on-location shoot...
Hubby does a young & fresh shot of Georwynne Omadle Culaste for SOUL Lifestyle's Vintage Bloom Collection.
If you want to know how I achieved a flawless face look on G, click here.
I just ♥ how naturally the makeup blended in with the whole collection -- blush pinks and beige!

No, it is not by chance that Dexie's blue eyes match her turquoise toenails:)

Fun afternoon on-location shoot by hubby for SOUL Lifestyle's Boho Wanderers Collection -- coming soon!

{time to excessorize}
Rings Collection from this shop!

 And of course, no shoot would ever be complete without 
amazing works from our mad mentor...

haha...winner element we did so randomly!

thanks, as always, James Bautista!

Hands down, these are my favorites from dear hubby's shots...

I dreamt of this goddess and she is after all for real! 
Meet Loth -- the reason why I had to pinch myself 
a couple of times while dolling this lady up one afternoon.

To create that perfect canvass, skin was prepped up with all these
Again, used my recent favorite Make Up Forever Brow Corrector,
combined some baked minerals from The Face Shop & MAC and lined her deep set eyes 
with a really good liquid liner I got also from The Face Shop. 
Highlights and contouring here and there with my ever reliable MAC brush.
Plumped her lips with my recent splurge from Sephora and some Laura Mercier lip color in pots.
{All stuff are just from my personal stash. Next on my agenda is buying palettes and
 pro brushes on my next buying trip abroad! Yay for a new career haha} 

Isn't this lady uber g-o-r-g-e? 

if i had eyes as beautiful as yours, Loth, I'd never cover it up with this gold clutch...
but since this is an equally beautiful one from SOUL Lifestyle's clutch collection -- 

ok then, i shall let you...:) heehee

this seems to be one gorgeous shot -- do you think it ranks for SOUL's next billboard?♥

and lastly, a fave from James' shots:

So there it is...along with my hubby's growing passion for photography, 
I guess I'm also equally loving my newfound Saturday job as an aspiring


Creative Stylist (as coined by master James Bautista) 

and still one happy mama of three as my main job!

This is starting to be fun. fun. fun! 
and I am SOOO starting to search. search. search right this minute 
for professional makeup programs 
Oh! I can't stop my fingers from typing on GOOGLE search: 


  teeeheee, wish I may, wish I might! 

then again, why not?♥

PHOTOS by: Jun Tupas
                 James Bautista

Clothing, Shoes & Accesories from SOUL Lifestyle

bliss♥, pinkmother