Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Pray. Eat. Love.

Yes, in THAT order please, counting them as blessings instead of constantly searching for life's meaning through it. 

I've always loved Julia Roberts, but sadly never this movie. 
And at 36, I am blessed to have His wisdom to not #EatPrayLove like her soul-searching character. It's easy to get caught up, feel empty & senseless in this crazed, material, egocentric, ever-searching world, endlessly finding meaning in life through soooo many 'fillers'...when in truth, we know there only is one way. 

Look within and not at the other fence. 
The grass is greener where you water it.
So it is with our faith and life's meaning. 
The journey to my inner peace & happiness is in 
embracing my faith in Him, in a silent little corner 
where I can have my own #PrayEatLove journey, 
thank Him as the source for all these simple joys 
and enjoy each of life's blessing thrown in. 

Have a Thought-full Tuesday, my dear ladies. 
It's been quite a while. 

3 year-long hiatus from this blog journal and I miss sharing bits of inspiration with you!

Yesterday, I was blessed to have had the chance to have some me-time  
with another blissful mommy blogger who I met only thru social media. 
We chatted about blogging, and our passions & bloggers who inspire us. 
It's just amazing how two women's path bump in awesome ways 
to empower each other & to keep finding bliss in the simple things that bring us joy. 

Been praying to find inspiration through a mom community who shares the same passion. I truly hope this is the beginning of some beautiful things ahead.

{#pinkmothercalligraphy on almost-trashed Cava bottles}