Welcome to the world of a 30-ish mother of three who believes motherhood is just as fabulous in bejeweled flats as it is in 5inch heels, who is inspired by all things beautiful & finds ultimate bliss staying home and scrapbooking as it is traveling the world for the lifestyle brand she passionately grows with the person she falls in love with everyday for the past 15 years. 

Journaling in her 365 keeps her grounded & sane on most toxic days. She finds excitement in everything and anything pink and polka, believes that laughter is the best Botox and that girlfriends are way cheaper than any per-hour psychotherapists on earth. 

On top of it all, she believes motherhood is one exciting journey to take despite and inspite of (tears, stretchmarks & extra pounds included), and is more often amazed by the grace & power the dear Lord has put in her hands and in her life. 

This is her blog, and this is a day in her life. 

Welcome! ♥