What Keeps Me Busy

What Keeps Me Busy...and Crazy...and Blessed...and Empowered...and Grateful...all at the same time! 

Just lovin' how work & business keeps the balance in my life and how it continuously keeps me brewing with fresh & creative ideas. Plus the bliss of bumping into inspiring people each passing day, the exposure to beautiful things, beautiful places & of course, our beautiful stylish shoppers♥...not to mention limitless shopping for me & fashion retail fix in a snap to keep mommyhood as fabulously inspiring to all mommy friends out there! 

Yes, mommyhood does not have to limit us to just tending to the kids, our husbands and our homes. The inspiration these beautiful people have brought into my life simply opened doors to a passion that empowers me beyond limits♥

Here's hoping that by taking a peek into what keeps me busy, inspiring doors open for you too dear fabulous moms!