One layout was all it took 
for me to get hooked to this addiction
S C R A P B O O K I N G.

Here's hoping that my simple, yet from-the-♥ pages shall inspire you as well 
to create priceless heirloom memories for your families 
to treasure generation after generation...

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 Which one is your favorite?
lessons of life in a song...No Boundaries. 
love how my girls sing this song with so much drama & i love
how the words of this song tell us about holding on & living up to our dreams

journaling about a song that my three kids used to sing
in all their toddler years
a page for my a tiny blessing like her has conquered such a big spot in her hearts!

also for my daughter -- a complementing page to the previous one --telling her about how she was supposedly 1/2 of a twin:)

album covers of scrap pages I've done from 2009 thru 2010

i am not one to make a page about myself but this day, I thought of going another route.
this one speaks about my simple joys and how they complete me

this page talks about my youngest daughters insistence & persistence :)  and how she
can easily sway me with her sweetness

there are days when they argue & fight like little monsters.
showing them this page on those days make them friends again on an instant!
journaling about being thankful for the hands I am blessed with
and thanking the ones that treasure them. getting sentimental on those few last lines "even when
they're someday wrinkled, old and gone..." :(

journaling about twice the bliss of having 2 daughters :)

2 of my completed albums. 2009/2010

one of my first scrapbook albums. 2007.