Monday, August 22, 2011

Married to a New Mister. {Day 10 : 365}

Met you online and you seemed to have a good deal. 
Unassuming, down to earth and downright useful. 
With your features sleek & sexy, your pricetag was a gem.

Sure...there were others in the line up. 
For one --tall, dark & rich George, was tempting.  
But too commercial and way out of my league:) 

 I went back knowing more about you. 
So what if you ended up less powerful. 
At $39.99, divorcing you would be such an easy option.

So one misty morning, click I did and 
I finally said Yes to you.

You arrived one day and came out of the box
cool, crisp & uncomplicated. 
Just as I expected. 
Just as I needed you to be. 

Espresso Doppio?
White Chocolate Mocha? 

You have been making such good cups each morning. 
You never failed me. 

Mr. Coffee, I am now married to you. 

And so is my dear espresso-loving husband. 

bliss♥, pinkmother

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  1. This is so nice... I was thinking if I'll have my own place, a small coffee machine is a must and this is perfect. Dolce Gusto is also another option.