Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A brand new frenzy. {Day 2: 365}

After seven days of fresh red cherries & the juiciest lychees on a warm June afternoon, the pinkmother is back.

Fresh & Juicy. With a brand new frenzy.

Seven days of much needed time with my hubby for a business trip we do pretty regularly, these are some of the more awaited times of the year that we both unspokenly look forward to season after season. They always transport us back home, rejuvenated, with enough frenzy to take on new challenges.

Not that these seven days are exactly the bestest nor the most relaxing times of the year, as it is often the total juxtapose.

Plus of course these days spell L O N E L I N E S S for being apart from our 3 musketeers for several days in what is now done like 6 to 8 more times in a year . = (

Nevertheless, these buying trips are enjoyed despite the fact it asks us to be up & about earlier than we ever do back home

beating the rush of wherever timezone we are in -- where breakfast is mostly done on the go, when lunch does not necessarily come in as soon as the clock hits 12.

Hours after hours of going through hundreds of the latest clothing, beautiful materials and a spinning headache of colorcards & fabric swatches, we continue doing our orders & tick more bullets off our checklists.

By mid afternoon we both find ourselves needing a double espresso caffeine-fix for an instant perk while stretching the rest of the hours for viewing and reviewing, viewing and reviewing once again our completed collections for this season's buying trip.

And though a rundown of the things we accomplished and the selections we made is enough to remind us of throbbing backpains for being on our feet all day, there is always the luxury of massage and personal shopping to look forward to at the end of the day(♥!)

 & night time walks(♥♥!), and a quiet dinner for two --

--- a fine full-course meal for a hard-earned day, then capping the day off with a couple of drinks or more back in the hotel room

While...the best part!...anxiously waiting for the kids to go online (yay! i ♥ you, Skype)

Another workday wrapped up. Regain energies for Day 2.

Busyday? Yes.
Tiring? You can say that again.
Rewarding? Indeed.
Will I have it any other way?

Never in this lifetime.

There is no replacement for a day well-spent. For a day well-lived. For a day lifted upon Him, for the life He purposed me to live.

These are the most valued times together because we work and move for the same goals, as parents and as life & business partners.  Together, we are blessed by this purpose.

There is simply no greater reward in knowing that we are both living according to His ultimate purposes. Arguments, white hair and wrinkles included, yes we are altogether blessed.

And you ask me if I do worry about the kids who are left miles back home? Yes I do. But He holds my heart calm for the fact that He is with US and with THEM all at the same time. Now, tell me how great is our God.

Blessings.Blessings.Blessings. They do come in thousandfolds. Now, thats a sweet frenzy to ponder on :)

bliss♥, pinkmother

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