Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bleak. {Day 3: 365}

With the kids leaving, coffee brewing, oatmeal still warm & mangoes sliced, I prep myself in my breakfast nook this morning as I enjoy the precious silence of my home.

I grab my 1st morning brew, turn on my lappy...
and this is what I see.

this man lost his wife, 3 children, mother and father in law 

last goodbyes

a grandmother weeps

waiting for his master

I never got a sip of my blissful morning brew. It was just as bleak.

While many of us were safe under our comfortable roofs, warmly tucked under our duvets on the dawn of June 29th, these families were weeping for the loss of their loved ones. 

25 people, including children as young as 2 were confirmed dead and 15 others missing in the flashfloods that struck my lovely city following a three-hour downpour last Tuesday night. The worst to have hit this city in recent years.

Many of us complain about a broken nail, a zit or the long queue at Starbucks.

Some blabber about pain in the ankles for hours in their Louboutins. Or this season's Chanel being out of stock.

We curse losing a cellphone, losing luster in our locks, losing a signal or internet connection.

But the loss of worldly possessions cannot equal to the loss of a loved one. A glimpse of these  heartbreaking photos puts us in no position to do so.

Today and in the days to come, let's zip our unthankfulness, count our blessings twice & offer a silent prayer for those who have lost what TRULY MATTERS.

bliss♥, pinkmother

photo credits to Roland Jumawan

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