Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Stay Little Forever. {Day 20: 365}

A month since I last journaled? I can't believe that's how quickly the days have gone by. This fast-framed life makes me think...and fear, how quickly these girls might just grow up and leave those doors in a BLINK.

Oh my. Oh my. Transport me to yesteryears, and let time stand still. 

Silly me. If only. So in a fast-framed life like this, what's a sentimental mommy like me got to do?

Hold their tiny hands while they still fit into mine. 

Drown their foreheads with kisses while they still aren't taller than me.

Tuck them in bed each night while they still sweetly ask for it.

Capture moments like these with a sneaked-in D90 from hubby, and take snapshots of the most beautiful creatures I would love to STAY LITTLE FOREVER♥

That, and a hundred more silly things that only a sentimental mommy like me would do.

Like pushing them to sleep on their rooms alone, yet find myself sneaking in beside them in the middle of the night ( Yes, I do that sometimes....don't you?!). 

Silly things like sending them off to school each morning and giving them confidence to beat the days struggles, yet find myself dialing their cellphones before they even reach school!

Yes, silly things like journaling on this blog at 2:17 am just to air out my fears.
My jitters. And my excitement.
Of them growing up. Of me, growing old.
Of us girls, learning about life...and chasing our dreams.
Together...& soon, apart.

Aww. What if she says this one day too soon?

Oh, if only. 
If only they could stay right here,
 in this little girls' world, 
longer than forever. ♥



  1. This is so sweet...very touching...

  2. i feel the same sometimes...

    it's 1:15 AM and I'm gonna sneak kisses on them as they are sleeping....hay...children...