Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Then & Now. { Day 19: 365 }

at 4, i used to tell you...... 'drink''
at 14, i'm telling you.........'don't'

at 4, i used to tell you....'stay right here'
at 14, i'm telling you..... 'go ahead. chase your dreams'.

at 4, i used to tell you.....'hurry'
at 14, i'm telling you........'take things slow'

at 4, i used to tell you how much i love you & how much difference you've brought into my life. at 14, i'm telling you just the same.

i love you, Uno. then. now. forever.
happy 14th bday, my dearest.

| photo credits to dear daddy |

bliss♥, pinkmother


  1. Happy Birthday to your son Uno, Mimi :)

  2. Now I am crying!!!! Where did time go? I remember him in a stroller!!! Happy happy Biirthday Uno!!!

  3. very nice your blog! my compliments!
    what a nice baby boy! happy birthday Uno!!

  4. miss vanilla, thanks for swingin by my online journal, Sands! my taste buds are excited to taste your new concoctions soon sa davcon bazaar! ♥

  5. Alex. I know girl. Tayo lang ba ang ganito?


    thanks for swingin by!