Saturday, November 12, 2011

11. 11. 11. {Day 18: 365}

While some people closed their eyes, uttered their wishes or, to those lucky few -- witnessed their dreams come to life as the clock struck 11:11 on this beautiful day of 11.11.11....

I, in one corner of my simple world, found myself rather feeling grateful, blissful & truly blessed to have crossed this day that only comes once in every 1000 years.

Once in every precious 1000 years.

Living this simple, cherished life...Surrounded by the most important, treasured people in my life. Doing what I love doing, and loving how it loves me back.

Tonight, I uttered my blessings and counted them twice.

Thank you, Dear Jesus.


In the same blissful note, today has also been one grateful day as we unfolded some exciting news of a collaboration we have been working on for our retail brand SOUL Lifestyle. This is the first time I've ever mentioned people outside of my treasured family in this personal blog, but a message so heartwarming was just quite hard to pass by at a little past 11:11 pm:

Mi and Jun, here's something for all you have given me! Thank you so much ♥ 

This message which was followed by such an endearing blogpost from the sweet young lady behind The Walking Recessionista, writing not merely as a fashion blogger, but something more from the heart this time.

Read her message here to know how it truly melted my heart...just like mallows on hot choco (pause...meanwhile, im gonna go get myself a cup! teehee)

Nighty Night!


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