Monday, October 10, 2011

Workweek, Be Good. {Day 17: 365}

Extended hours on my homedesk. Inbox screaming. Outbox filling up.
The past weeks have been toxic.
Pile after pile of things to do and they never seemed to end.
Why is it that each time I tick a task off my checklist, two or three more squeezes in? 
Was time running faster? or did my pace go slower? 

Yes, I did accomplish my week's checklist.
But wasn't I supposed to feel lighter, more than heavy & tired?

I figured out the problem.
It wasn't lack of time nor management. Nor my pace going any slower.

After all, the problem was ME.

Filling up my to-do like crazy.
Raising my abilities to hyper exponents.
Biting off more than I can chew.
And in all sublime honesty, it did not help.

So here I am taking things slower & starting the workweek knowing better when to take a break.

After all, I miss being ME.
Thank God for this blogpost & life's daily reminders.

bliss♥, pinkmother


  1. thank you for sharing this! ive been feeling the exact same thing lately. nice to know im not a lone and that there is a way to take a breather. yes, the problem is me as well!

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  2. thanks for swinging by my personal blog!♥