Monday, September 26, 2011

Goodbye Bailey. {Day 16: 365}

Today is a bittersweet day in our little home.

We are saying goodbye to our champ Bailey, our 2 year old cute & utterly insistent Labrador Retriever. With bittersweet wishes, we shall be sending him off to a hopefully better home where he can freely run around, be a shining star once again to a family who will hopefully play fetch with him and never get tired tossing his favorite ball just the way we used to.

At one happy point in this household, we had more dogs than kids. And it was blissful chaos -- picking up poop after poop, cheering on when they finally got toilet trained, running along while the kids biked in the streets, holding on & patiently putting up with them when they delivered puppies.

But the kids have grown & gone to elementary, hubby & I have never been busier tending to our businesses and our big dogs have grown remarkably, needing more extensive exercise other than just welcoming us home.  

And so we decided to look for a happier place for him. There were many interested takers, but none of them seemed like the perfect one for him. Until a call at 1: 00 am surprised us  – he was calm yet insistent, inquisitive yet very enthusiastic. He asked if Bailey behaved in car rides. HE WANTED TO HAVE A COMPANION DOG. That, sounded to us like a real happy option for Bailey. Someone who will need him!J

Our hearts bleed at the fact of seeing him go and leaving Jada ( such a brilliant & intelligent black Labrador) alone in their once shared crates. But we know for a fact that he shall be walking into a new home where he will be a star once againJ just like the first day we had him in April of 2009.

always our Champ:)

2 month old Bailey -- when he used to have  the luxury of sleeping in our bedroom!!!

a grown Bailey

happier, less busier days 

So today, with bittersweet wishes we bid goodbye to this once tiny puppy who not only left pawprints on our duvet covers but into our hearts as well – a Philippine Champ not only in the dog ring but in our household and in our hearts, always & forever.  

{Our two smaller dogs, Tiff & Shaq, who we still see pretty much see every Friday are now giving childlike spirits to my mom & aunt’s new home. They welcome us like crazy every week! This family is yet to face how Jada, the only one left in this household, will be coping with the sadness of being alone in their once shared crates)

bliss♥, pinkmother

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