Thursday, September 22, 2011

When You're 18 {Day 15: 365}

Yllana...I paused a few minutes more while tucking you in bed last night 
and I could not believe how my 
once-tiny-little-princess-now-8-year-old Yllana is now occupying so much bedspace!

You now wear size 36 ballet flats. 

I've bought you your first training bras.  
(ok, I'm sorry I know I should'nt be saying that here)

We've come to share tank tops and some pairs of gympants too.

Apart from that,  its the stories we share.
The secret smiles & laughter we have. 
The tiny giggles only the two of us understand when we stare at each other. 
That, and simply this relationship we share as a mother and daughter, 
as best friends and even as enemies (at times!). 

Sometimes I do not know if I should get excited about you growing so fast, 
or if I should just let time stand still and let you be my little princess forever. 

In this most recent favorite photo of you above,
your look tells me of a certain confidence that 
even at 8, 10 or 18, 
you shall be fine. 
And yes, pretty little darling, you certainly will. 

But...will I be? 
That's a question I will be asking myself for quite an extended time. 

So this was how an 8 year old Yllana looked at us in 2011, 
will you still look at us this way in 2021?
And forever?

bliss♥, pinkmother

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