Monday, September 05, 2011

Daughters & Apple Pies { Day 12: 365}

"Mom, can you make us some of your apple pies?"

The words were uttered complete with doggy eyes.

Perhaps tonight's takeout must have fallen short of your standards. Or you must have recalled those unlimited servings you usually get when we used to bake our own.

That, or the beautiful moments we used to spend together in the kitchen making your favorite goodies.

my girls and I about to savor & serve our homebaked apple pie . photo from 2010.

When the sugar was poured in, so was your sweetness. And as the slices of butter melted along with those sweet apple slices, so did mommy's heart as we shared little girls secrets and sweet stories in between.

Good ol' mister oven had to go but the happy memories remain, till we get another mister oven again.

Meanwhile, I just thought of making myself a brilliant new entry on my Holiday Wishlist --- you guessed it right, girls.....a brand new oven so we can relive our sweet mom-daughter moments once again!

bliss♥, pinkmother

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