Sunday, September 18, 2011

Love Much. { Day 14: 365 }

Life's little reminders -- heartwarming how they come in so many unexpected ways.

This weekend, it came knocking through a bottle of fine wine -- and some Dove dark chocolates, such a cute & random find from the local supermarket!

I tossed 'em in my cart for a sugar fix, not knowing how these bite-sized goodies could bring such gigantic smiles to my heart, one little piece after another.

♥a lovely quote awaits each unwrapping moment♥

"Live well, laugh often and love much. Love, Dove."

Unwrapping each one was a real treat, indulging in its silky-smooth goodness was another. The cute quotes made me want to open every single one!

I could have indulged and finished them all up in one sitting. But I remained sane. Instead, I took a few snapshots of this blissful moment, sat beside hubby and pulled my feet up on our couch. It was a time to just let the bliss of the moment stand still.

Live well, LOVE much.

With a glass of wine on my right, and the hand of the one I ♥ on the other, I took another bite into my little piece of Dove. Live Well & Love Much, I did. 

 In such a busy world, how many among us would even remember 
that life's little reminders could come in 
such sweet tiny packages? 

bliss♥, pinkmother 

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