Monday, September 12, 2011

Dream Big {Day 13 : 365}

Dream big, little people.

That was Sunday dinner's main course along with the heartwarming Spinach soup, French Beans, Lemongrass Chicken and Avocado Fried Rice.

3 pairs of ears listened to what their Dad had to say about life, their dreams and getting there.

The 8 year old bookworm was quick to answer 'fashion designer', the 7 year old stage performer to our glad surprise aspires to be a doctor (!) while our young man, with 2 years more before entering the gates of college and to whom this topic was really directed -- has a mental shortlist of either being an architect, a chef his dad wishes him to be, a doctor.

Soon, our little people would not be so little anymore -- they'd be out there and setting careers of their own, chasing their dreams, with some painful falls, tearful heartaches and challenges in between.

When faced with life's challenging crossroads someday, will they think of Me and their Dad? Will they ever remember the tears that swelled up in my eyes when their dear father spoke from the heart?

When that time comes, would they remember this Sunday night's dinner? And how truthfully we meant these two words --

Mark them on your hearts, my dear little ones...DREAM BIG and never get tired of the chase. The journey is just as blissful as the prize at the end.

Love. Love. Love.

bliss♥, pinkmother

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