Friday, January 13, 2012

Random Resolutions {Day 22: 365}

Today, I suddenly woke up with an instant punch of motivation after getting pretty much inspired with this Mom of  i♥organizing and how she keeps her life & her home so neatly organized. And so I figured out that if I wanted to stay START being organized, I'd rather begin by getting my 2012 resolutions in place. After all, its still the 1st month of the year, right? So I guess this can still be counted in as a decent New Year's Resolution list? And hey, its a Friday, my favorite day! And the 13th -- my lucky number! Geez. What a perfect day to start my 2012.  

And speaking of perfect days, just today too, I'm greeted with 5000 views! 5000, yes. That may be a speck  in the professional blogging sense but to me who started this online journal having just 3 solid followers in mind (my daughter Yllana, my solid fan Alex & embarrassingly, myself!), a thousand views is pretty much something already to me. Five times more, a blessing. So, to those of you who bothered to click despite busy days, or well, out of sheer boredom...Thank You. But seriously and truly, I am just humbled & proud all at the same time. ♥

So, yes, perhaps this must be just the perfect day to start my 2012, claim my year and get my life resolutions in place. In no certain order of preference, nor importance, nor priority. But resolutions just waiting to be ticked off one day at a time.

So here it is, drumroll please, 
My Random Resolutions for 2012! 

{get to know my Silhouette better}
{make better homemade cafe lattes}

{pump up my scrapbook area} 
{pump up my scrapbook area & actually scrap!}

{spend more time with my Tata (those close to my ♥ will know who this specialperson is!)}

{conquer my "micro-phobia" & sing with my BFFs in videoke ( resolution since birth!)}
{move more}
{eat less eat healthy}

{organize boxes of a lifetime worth of unfiled photos}
{organize my closet}
{convince hubby to build me a better closet}
{out with the negative, more on the positive }
{run 5k with Uno}
{listen more}
{speak less}
{buy a yoga mat}
{buy a yoga mat & DO YOGA!}
{big prints of Mr. Ts best shots on our living room}
{Mr. Ts best works on a hardbound compilation}
{be even just a % as organized as this woman}
{revive & set up online shop for my baby pickledpink}
{seriously update SOULs online shop}
{consistently make fresh apple | carrot | tomato juice for the kids each morning}

{smile more}
{unbox a 2 year old trivia game & get to play it with girlfriends}
{less facebook | less twitter}
{more time to visit inspiring blogs like this. and this. and more.}

{more girl talks with these two}
{less days on the computer}

{more days to open my bible}

{more pages filled in my gratitude journal}

I could go on and on with these random resolutions. 
But that's going to bore you for sure.

So, I'm simply summing up this year's resolutions into words I could live by. 


Less. Yet More. Simple. Yet Better. 
last year's: 

Let me close by inviting you to join me in my journey and walk along with me thru these simple words. 
Or recreate your own and enjoy each step of the way in getting nearer and nearer to your goals.

However way you choose to walk your 2012, let me know. 



  1. You inspire me!!! Yes yes yes to all of that!!!

    1. and yes yes yes to being my sole follower haha. lov ya girl

  2. Great one, mi! Happy new year, hope we'll all have a great one :)

  3. Ugh I meant, that was a great blog entry and that I hope we'll all have a great 2012. Sorry for the poorly composed comment hahaha miss you :)

    1. Jackie!!! your back from vacay. cheers to a great 2012 indeed. hey, did you get na my gift for Tala?

  4. cheers for a better 2012 <3

    new followr by the way. loooking forward to your future posts <3

    1. Hi there!

      thanks for swinging by and for following♥

  5. that's amazing having a positive outlook in life! Yeah i agree, it's only the first month so it's still not too late to start off the year right =) goodluck!