Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Just Another Yesterday {Day 23: 365}

Where has the pinkmother gone?

Oooh how i miss journaling! Did time pass me by? Another blink brings me to March. Unbelievable how time swishes from now to tomorrow. Surreal, but today will just be another yesterday.

So, how have your yesterdays been?

I'd love to know.

Apart from the bliss of moving ahead, our life in retrospect is always worth going back to...

As for me, my past month -- in random order of appreciation -- looked something like this:

 ♥buying trip with hubby...{giddy for the new collection}♥

♥brainstorm sessions with the creative team for the first of summer trunkshow (!!!)♥

♥new layout for online shop now up♥

♥organizing my girls craft nook♥ 

♥getting my fat thighs back to the gym♥

♥sweetness from my only son♥

♥summer trip planning & hotel scouring on the net {foreverrr!}♥

♥getting a visit from Pastor Sam...{blessings in human form}

♥fabric stashing for my first swimsuit creation! {yipee}♥

♥Numbers App on my iPad...{why oh why did it take me so long to give in to you?!}♥

♥giddiness over a thrifted designer document bag...{ funny how it gave me 30% extra power to do more things }♥

♥my yllana turning 9 & my girls newfound love for boots & boho♥

♥and a new set of heels to go running in for the coming busy months♥

That's it so far. Would love to hear how yours have been. 

bliss♥, pinkmother 


  1. nice blog)

  2. oh hi there Lena! thanks for swinging by♥

  3. Followed you Pink Mother :)
    Thank you BTW for letting me join in the fun pullout. <3