Monday, July 11, 2011

Love Stories are For Real { Day 6: 365 }

I should have posted this a few weeks ago, as my parents celebrated their wedding anniversary.

June 22nd would have been a blissful 49th .....if only Papa would've still been here.

It is the 4th year since he had been gone and every June 22nd of each year, I feel a thorn in my heart imagining how lonely it is for Mama to be celebrating it alone. Their 49 years of building a family together was a little bit of drama & comedy, romance & action each unfolding day. Theirs was a love story so real.

So real and inspiring that I somehow felt like posting this today ---  the 11th of July, as we, dear hubby and I celebrate our own.

14 years and thankfully still counting till our own 49th & beyond.

This post is to celebrate that blessing and to thank our parents for the fact that dear babe and I keep counting the years because of the inspiration they both have etched in our hearts.

Forever, their love story will be a constant reminder. Of love & endurance. Of respect, sacrifice & the joy it brings despite of, and inspite of .

Of having the Lord in the midst of it all, and perhaps unconsciously trying to live each day at a time following the Simple Rules of Marriage from the heirloom frame that now sits on our shelf -- the very same vintage frame that sat on top of their beds all 49 years!

Thank you Papa & Mama. Happy 14th, Babe.

bliss♥, pinkmother

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