Saturday, July 16, 2011

Vintage Bloom {Day 7: 365}

Still  *S W O O N I N G*
(an understatement!) 
over these oh-so-dainty outputs 
from hubby's 1st 'un'-planned
yet unexpectedly amazing photoshoot!

This all started on the first week of June just before our next scheduled buying trip, when hubby and I found ourselves casually cooking up a fun shoot in time for the fresh new collection.

dainty lace, pearls and tulle!

So when all the kids were gone for school on a not-so-busy Wednesday, up South we all travelled --

some 3000 feet above sea level 

-- to do just that....a fun afternoon photoshoot that amazingly gave us this: 

one heavenly billboard shot that is now up!

Yay for this first one and definitely more more more to come!

So, here are BTS (behind the scenes) of that creatively fun & productive afternoon:

Don't you just ♥ how angels D & G carried this sweet collection with so much ease?
I adored how D trekked the bridge in this mini dress in all its lace,tulle & romantic glory 

and despite the chilly breeze & light showers, 
how gracefully G posed in her wide-legged sheer pants

Thanks to everdearest Dexie & Georwyne who were such angels. 
I hope the outputs are well worth missing out a class :)

And to Pat and Ina...who missed one busy grooming day at One Fab Pooch to graciously carry stuff for the shoot, to patiently hold the reflector and be equally enthusiastic stylists!

Plus, thank you bigtime to the mad mentor...

who came all the way with us to give inspiring insights to hubby and not only to shoot a few BTS, but who managed to click some fantastic ones for another upcoming collection which we are soooo excited to tell you about sometime soon!

Cheers to hubby for an oh-so-professional output...such a beautiful first!!! (Too bad everyone's hands were a bit too busy that no shots were taken of hubby behind the lens. Better luck on this next time.)

and oh by the way, the pinkmother had equal fun doing this: 

MUA in the making ( i'm tempted to take formal classes. *wink*!!!)

and concept stylist ( the part I ♥ most!)

Back home that night, we tuck all three kids in bed and 
thank the Lord for the countless, boundless blessings. 
The past days have been good & beautiful. 

How have yours been?

bliss♥, pinkmother

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