Monday, July 25, 2011

A Sentimental Freak Once Again {Day 8 : 365}

Just a week ago, she turned seven. Turning me once again into one totally sentimental freak. Birthday after birthday.

I reached for her just as I usually do on lazy weekends, to enjoy some tight hugs and cuddles. 
You see, Ysabella is our youngest daughter who gives the tightest of hugs, the sweetest of kisses. One who reaches for my hand at 3am and never lets go till sunrise. 

But today, the baby who usually reaches for Mommy’s hand was no longer there to do just that.

Instead, she got up first among everyone else, changed her clothes & grabbed a book, sneaked in a corner and amazingly, read her first chapter series.

Right before my eyes, she was telling me that she is no longer a baby. 
She is seven. 
Secured in her time alone. 
Ready to read a book on her own.  
Ready to walk out that door and say with much pride “ Bye Mommy, of course I will be ok”.

And I?
I will be that one sentimental freak looking forward each afternoon to see my baby walk through that door and give me the tightest of hugs again and again. 

Even if she is already seven. And ready to read her books on her own.

And just in case she still reaches for my hand at 3am?  I shall never let go. Till sunrise. Till forever.

Happy 7th , my Ysabella. You will always be my baby.

bliss♥, pinkmother

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